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This product is compatible with Revit® 2025 as well as 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024

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BIM Batch Tools to Accelerate Multiple Processes for Revit Projects and Families

The BIM Batch Suite offers the fastest set of Revit addins for automating daily and weekly tasks. Whether performing a batch of operations on a single Revit project model or thousands of Revit families, this collection of tools can save huge amounts of time for any Revit user.

How Can These Powerful Revit Addins Help?

Click on any one of the tools listed below for videos and information about that tool. Purchase or download a free trial of the BIM Batch Suite for 14 days. After the trial period, the free tools will continue to work.

Family Exporter
  • Easily select specific families to export from projects
  • Automatically create folder structure based on family categories and geometry
  • Add custom text to exported file names
  • Control whether to overwrite or skip previously exported files in the target folders
Family Loader

Control How the Families Are Loaded

This Revit add-in automates the process of loading or reloading families into projects. Select one or more project files, or an entire folder tree of project files, to have families loaded.

Family options

Below the list of families to load are settings for how the loading should be handled. “Only reload families that already exist in each project” is useful when family content has been updated and the goal is to ensure the selected projects all have the latest version of the updated families in them without loading families that are not already being used.


The option to ‘Suppress overwrite dialog’ can greatly speed up the loading process, as the Revit user will not have to confirm the load of each preexisting family as each project file is processed. However, suppressing the dialog means that once the process starts, the families will be loaded using the selected options and will not stop until it is complete.


This tool also does not relinquish control of the loaded content, so a user must manually synchronize the changes to a central file and relinquish control once the loaded content is verified as correct.


During the processing of project files, a progress bar and status information will be shown near the bottom of the screen.

Plotter and Exporter
  • Create and schedule jobs for exporting to files or plotting to paper
  • Exports to PDF, DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, DWFx, Navisworks and IFC
  • Schedule exports to occur automatically unattended
  • Incredibly intuitive interface and easy to learn
  • Drag and drop from a project or use wildcards to dynamically search for views and sheets to export
  • Views and sheets can be searched for by parameter values, names, types and revision status
  • Comes with a free PDF printer driver!
Projects & Families Upgrader
  • Upgrade multiple projects and templates at once
  • Upgrade multiple families at once
  • Migrate workshared (central) files automatically or upgrade in place
  • Automatically adjust linked Revit and CAD file paths to new locations
  • Easily select files in an intuitive user interface
Project Processor

Project processor is a powerful tool that allows planned changes to be made to many project models. This tool can be configured to rename, swap, purge and more based on rules. This can save hours of time for model managers when mass changes need to be made.

The Pain Point

Updating standards and making model corrections, especially when those changes affect multiple models, can be very time consuming. Opening multiple models and making those changes by hand is never convenient and rarely ever executed consistently.

Key Features

Process Multiple Models

Automatically open, process and save multiple models provided in a selection set, or process multiple models opened in the active Revit session.

Rules-Based Processing

Options can be configured to look at a model and make intelligent choices. Want to delete views based on a specific property? Project Processor can handle that. Maybe you need to rename multiple sheets, again based on properties? Project Processor is the tool to help make that process more streamlined.

Task Specific Rules

While configuring rules, the options that are available are relevant to the task. Renaming views has different option than deleting line styles. Both require careful handling, and this tool can be configured to handle almost anything you need to maintain in a project.

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