New Software Development Capabilities

CTC is proud to announce that we have expanded our development capabilities to now include:

  • Autodesk Forge
  • AutoCAD plug-ins
  • Sketchup plug-ins
  • .Net/C# and Windows Presentation Foundations (WPF)
  • Microsoft Prism Framework (MVVM frameworks)
  • ASP.NET, Database SQL and Angular/React UI Frameworks
About CTC Software

About CTC Software

CTC Software is a leading developer of productivity and workflow enhancing toolsets, specializing in the AEC industry. Our highly regarded public software offerings, the CTC Express Tools, are developed and updated by our team of architects, engineers, and experienced software developers. This same team is available to build custom software for your teams. Our expertise in developing industry-specific software is what sets us apart from other providers. We understand industry processes and toolsets; this enables us to recommend workflows, integrate and understand existing processes, and develop faster on the related platforms.

We are constantly building our teams to handle even more projects, and develop even richer toolsets for our client base. We are a proud member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN), and develop on many platforms and environments including:

  • Autodesk Forge: Autodesk’s cloud-based development tools allow accessing your BIM360 files programmatically, or provide services for your files such as converting them between formats.
  • Autodesk plug-ins: Our expertise in writing Revit and Civil 3D add-ins has expanded to include the ability to write plug-ins for standard AutoCAD as well.
  • Sketchup plug-ins: If your environment also includes Sketchup, we can write add-ins for it!
  • .NET C# using Windows Presentation Foundation: A highly customizable and flexible UI technology by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Prism Framework (MVVM frameworks): A very popular development paradigm which separates business logic from the user interface, ensuring consistent results and interfaces across platforms (Windows, web, etc.)
  • Microsoft Azure: A leading cloud-hosted application platform providing high availability, multitudes of services and maximum scaling for applications that need to be accessible from anywhere at any time
  • ASP.NET: This provides a web based interface for web browsers
  • SQL Database: These are the engines that can store large amounts of data and provide the ability to query that data in different ways.
  • Angular/React UI Frameworks: Angular is a large JavaScript library that is maintained mostly by Google which makes it easy to build single-page web applications (SPAs). React is also a JavaScript library that is maintained mostly by Facebook and Instagram that is smaller and focuses on building user interfaces.