View Creator Updates

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.3

  • Enhancement: View Creator should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors.

For BIM Project Suite Version 17.0.6

  • New Feature: New UI that allows to assign View Templates to Views

For Version 17.0.4

  • New Feature: View templates tab added to facilitate associating templates and views
  • Enhancement: Filter selectors added to applicable tabs
  • Enhancement: Rename plans/ceilings views
  • Enhancement: Context menus added to improve item selection
  • Enhancement: Improved storage of settings in the project, particularly for workshared environments
  • Enhancement: Schedule view templates automatically excluded in UI when appropriate
  • Enhancement: The dependent views tab now excludes duplicate names of scope boxes
  • Enhancement: Separator characters can be blank or empty

For Version 16.0.1

  • New Feature: can now create and/or update sheets

For Version 05.1.8

  • Enhancement: now displays structural views in the dependent view tab

For Version 05.1.5

  • Enhancement: now supports filtering the “Duplicate View” grid by “Engineering” view type
  • Enhancement: will now suppress the “rename corresponding views” dialog only when the application running. Revit will work as expected when the application is closed

For Version 05.0.6

  • New Feature: added “Duplicate View” tab to create duplicate copies of the existing views
  • New Feature: added “Workset” tab that creates 3D views for each user workset and configure the graphic option. (This tab is only available if the project has worksharing enabled.)
  • New Feature: now support the creation of structural views
  • Enhancement: allow creating both a floor plan and reflected ceiling plan view that share the same name
  • Enhancement: view template is not required to create floor plan and reflected ceiling plan view