Superdoor Configurator Updates

For version 19.0.2 [Newest Version]

  • New Feature: Now supports Revit 2021

For version 19.0.2

  • New Feature: Added “Contact Support” button to the Revit ribbon. This button can be turned off with a setting.
  • New Feature: Added “Contact Support” button to the toolbars in each of the add-ins. This button can be turned off with a setting.

For version 19.0.0

  • Enhancement: Suite now supports Revit 2019, as well as 2018, 2017 and 2016.  Support for 2015 has been removed.

For version 17.0.0

  • Enhancement: this is the first Revit 2017 version. Now supports Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

For version 16.0.4

  • Enhancement: new parametric naming engine–CTC Configurators offer more control over Casework and Superdoor assembly types. Specify the parameter values to use and the Configurator will create consistently named families and types automatically
  • Enhancement: new time-saving admin features allow users to more quickly select multiple components and assembles with just one click
  • Enhancement:when choosing compatible families in an assembly, checking the checkbox of one checks all that have been selected
  • Enhancement: nested families do not force renaming if they are identical and already instantiated in the project
  • New Feature: in list of configured assemblies, a right-click option allows processing multiple selections or all configured
  • New Feature: Configured assemblies have parametric naming