Spreadsheet Link Updates

For BIM Project Suite Version 21.0.2

  • Bug Fix: Added missing parameters: RVT Link (File name, Name)
  • Bug Fix: User sort settings were not being stored in the project or settings files

For BIM Project Suite Version 21.0.2

  • Enhancement: Spreadsheet Link has improved unit display with certain unit types
  • Enhancement: Spreadsheet Link has more sorting options allowing users to more closely mimic Revit Schedule sorting abilities

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.3

  • Enhancement: Spreadsheet Link should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors.

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.1

  • New Feature: Can now export Model Compare files for projects with duplicate non-shared project parameters
  • Enhancement: Spreadsheet Link can now work with projects that have duplicate non-shared project parameters

For BIM Project Suite Version 17.0.6

  • New Feature: Ability to change View Template

For Version 17.0.4

  • Enhancement: Improved storage of settings in the project, particularly for workshared environments
  • Enhancement: Allow selecting a category even if no instances of category exist in the project

For Version 16.0.4

  • Enhancement: advanced Save settings now includes .xlsm files to be specified and saved
  • Enhancement: now allows scheduling categories with no instances
  • Enhancement: now displays duplicate parameters with identical names for areas, rooms, spaces and zones if they exist
  • Enhancement: can now create more than 100 elements at a time

For Version 16.0.2

  • Enhancement: will display a much clearer message if the active project has never been saved before

For Version 16.0.0

  • Enhancement: now has a new “Area Scheme Name” parameter for the “Area” category

For Version 05.1.7

  • New Feature: can update the family type parameter value given a correct family and type name
  • New Feature: now has a new dialog for saving advanced settings with the ability to save the spreadsheet to user specified location every time the settings are loaded using Spreadsheet Link Express dialog
  • New Feature: now has the ability to change the family type of an instance if the “Family Type” built-in parameter value is updated with correct family and type name

For Version 05.0.6

  • Enhancement: increased performance when collecting type information
  • Enhancement: not show empty values when filtering by parameter
  • Enhancement: will no longer show the parameters that are special in Revit GUI. For example, “Revisions on Sheet” parameter which is a button to choose revision values from a list
  • New Feature: settings now supports the template spreadsheet workflow