Room Data Sheets Updates

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.3

  • Enhancement: Title block names are displayed as type and family name
  • New Feature: New choice for how background processing should occur

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.1

  • New Feature: Performance improvements: user controlled background view size estimation and notifications of overly long processing times required

For BIM Project Suite Version 19.0.4

  • New Feature: Room Data Sheets now flattens adjacent boundary walls that are parallel or have angles of less than 20 degrees. This will allow creating elevation views on almost-flat multi-segment walls with possibly curved segments.
  • New Feature: Now creates key plans for rooms and spaces

For BIM Project Suite Version 19.0.3

  • Enhancement: Added parameter: Cut Plane Offset. This parameter governs the distance between the wall (or wall chord for curved walls) and the elevation cut plane

For BIM Project Suite Version 19.0.2

  • Enhancement: Improved view range specifications.

For BIM Project Suite Version 19.0.1

  • Enhancement: Improved view naming and ordering of elevation views

For Version 19.0.0

  • Enhancement: Rename mulitple RDS views and sheets in a single operation
  • Enhancement: Select multiple rooms for view/sheet creation at one time

For Version 17.0.5

  • New Tool:This tool assists in the creation of data sheets for both rooms and spaces