Revision Manager Updates

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.1

  • Enhancement:Interface changes: Sheets and Revisions tab replaces all previous tabs
  • New Feature:New “Revision Clouds” tab added to manage Mark, Comments and Hidden status
  • New Feature: ‘Check Visibility’ function added to query revision clouds for visibility status
  • New Feature: Shortcut to Revit revision management interface added to toolbar

For BIM Project Suite Version 19.0.1

  • Enhancement: Enabled the ability to report the detail number of a dependent view with revisions

For Version 18.0.5

  • New Feature: Reports revisions in links
  • New Feature: Hide or show revisions on sheets in Manage Revisions view
  • Enhancement: Can now filter list by sheet number in Manage Revisions view
  • Enhancement: Can now reorder columns in Report and Manage views

For Version 17.0.6

  • Enhancement: Clearer presentation of read-only cells on Report Tab

For Version 16.0.5

  • New Feature: new tab, apply Revisions, associate a revision sequence to multiple sheets at once
  • New Feature: Manage Revisions tab has three editable fields: Mark, Comments and Issued

For Version 16.0.1

  • Enhancement: “save” button has been renamed “Save Report” for clarity, and the default report file name will now start with the current project’s name
  • Enhancement: will now automatically scan for revisions on startup. The “Get Revisions” toolbar button has been removed as it is no longer applicable