Projects and Families Upgrader Updates

For BIM Batch Suite Version 21.0.0

  • New Feature: Modifies type catalogs being upgraded to support required changes for Revit 2021

For Version 19.0.3

  • Enhancement: Tool available to run even if a project is not open in Revit

For BIM Batch Suite Version 17.0.10

  • New Feature: You can now specify a view by name to be used to override the preview image. If no view with the name specified exists, it will do its best to preserve the old preview image, or pick the most appropriate view if none can be determined

For Version 17.0.8

  • New Feature: Fixed control location when resizing main window

For Version 17.0.6

  • New Feature: User can now select “Open Workset Defaults” when central files are upgraded

For Version 17.0.5

  • Enhancement: The file C:\ProgramData\CTC\Projects and Families Upgrader\FileOpenDialogAutomation.txt will now be created and used to control how pop-up dialogs are dismissed when projects are opened

For Version 17.0.4

  • Enhancement: When upgrading central files in the same location, “Relinquish All Mine” is performed before saving.

For Version 17.0.3

  • Enhancement: Upgrade in new location improved when processing workshared models – now opens detached prior to relocating