Plotter and Exporter Updates

For BIM Batch Suite Version 20.0.1

  • Enhancement:Can now export Model Compare files for projects with duplicate non-shared project parameters

For BIM Batch Suite Version 20.0.0

  • Enhancement:By customer requests, when Plotter and Exporter is filtering for Model Compare snapshots, parameter name filtering no longer applies to project parameters. All project parameters are always retrieved.
  • Enhancement:New table – LogAddIn. A List of all add-ins loaded in Revit
  • Enhancement:In Revit 2020 only, when exporting to Navisworks you can now set the Facet Factor value.

For BIM Batch Suite Version 18.0.1

  • New Feature: When defining a scheduled task, new right-click menu choices allow deleting configuration files from the task list.

For Version 17.0.12

  • New Feature: Added the ability to use a custom date format for file and folder names

For Version 17.0.10

  • New Feature: The wildcard library editor now allows duplicating an existing wildcard (right-click / Duplicate)
  • New Feature: The wildcard library editor now allows renaming an existing wildcard (right-click / Rename)
  • New Feature: When performing a “Run Now” a new option will allow the process to execute in “preview only” mode. In this mode, no plots, files or folders are generated but the log will display what would happen if the current settings were to be run on the project
  • Enhancement: By request, when creating a new wildcard which uses filters, the default is now that “All” filters much match (an “and” filter) which is how Revit schedule filtering works. Previously the default had been “Any” filters must match (an “or” filter)

For Version 17.0.9

  • New Feature: Plotter and Exporter can now create CTC Model Compare snapshot files

For Version 17.0.3

  • Enhancement: When building a wildcard search for sheets, new parameter filters have been added to help find sheets of a specific size: Sheet Width, Sheet Height and Title Block Name
  • Enhancement: Parameter filtering comparisons now allow for a very small tolerance due to rounding errors caused by how Revit stores data, for more accurate comparisons.
  • Enhancement: More robust handling of printers and print settings during PDF exports and printing.
  • New Feature: View/Sheet Sets defined in a project can now be used to define the views and/or sheets to plot or export (by view/sheet set name).
  • New Feature: Plotter and Exporter can now export to FBX files.
  • New Feature: If more than one project file is open, the current export settings can be applied to any selected projects all in one export using the new “Run Now on Selected Open Projects” button.