Pipe Designer Updates

CIM Project Suite Version 22.0.2

  • Enhancements: Improved part renaming, allowing old names to be reused on new part names within the same operation.

CIM Project Suite Version 22.0.0

  • Fixes: Fixed an issue where using cancel to escape out of the app would not allow a network license to be returned.

CIM Project Suite Version 21.0.3

  • New Feature: Added option to apply part rule settings to pipe runs. Added option to interpolate slopes between selected parts. Added option to set a min cover across selected pipe run. Added support for null structures. Updated the user interface to be more user-friendly. Enhanced right-click options.

CIM Project Suite Version 21.0.2

  • Fixes: Fixed an issue where functionality intended for a future release was included in 21.0.1.

CIM Project Suite Version 21.0.1

  • Fixes: Fixed an issue where zooming to structures through right click option zoomed to pipes instead. Fixed an issue where selecting one or two-part pipe runs would cause pipe designer to malfunction. Fixed an issue with use of Match Crowns/Obverts method that would result in inadvertant part elevation changes upon initial load of a pipe run.
  • New Feature: Pipe deflection across structures now available. Units precision specific to Pipe Designer available in options. Reset column display and spacing to factory default added.

CIM Project Suite Version 21.0.0

  • Fixes: Fixed an issue when Windows settings for decimal point and numerical separator were set to European format, Pipe Designer would fail.
  • Fixes: Fixed an issue where Pipe Designer would always revert the structure setting for “Control Sump By:” to Elevation, regardless of how user set it.

CIM Project Suite Version 20.0.2

  • Fixes: Fixed logic around use of Crown matching factor when loading a pipe run. Added options for how crown factor and drop is calculated upon loading a pipe run.
  • New Feature: Added rule set validation functionality, including highlighting of values when a violation occurs. Added additional fields for structures, pipes, and rule status. Allow sorting and display control of columns. Improved functionality for match crowns design method. Added option to display pipe crown/obvert or top of pipe, in addition to invert.