Model Compare Updates

For BIM Project Suite Version 21.0.2

  • Enhancement: Fixed an Units Issue for Model Compare When Running Revit 2017.

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.5

  • Enhancement: Fixed an Issue Where Model Compare Would Return an Error Processing Upgraded Revit Models.

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.4

  • Enhancement: Now Includes Project Base Point in Data Collection.

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.1

  • Enhancement: Model Compare can now take snapshots of projects with duplicate non-shared project parameters

For BIM Project Suite Version 20.0.0

  • Enhancement: By customer requests, when filtering for Model Compare snapshots, parameter name filtering no longer applies to project parameters. All project parameters are always retrieved.

For BIM Project Suite Version 18.0.1

  • New Feature: Model Compare now allows the scheduling of snapshots, so they can be taken after hours, unattended
  • New Feature: Added the ability to use a custom date format for file and folder names when scheduling snapshots.

For Version 17.0.5

  • New Feature: When defining a scheduled task, new right-click menu choices allow deleting configuration files from the task list.
  • Enhancement: Improved default configuration settings and logging

For Version 16.0.1

  • Enhancement: Engine for comparing two snapshots runs amazingly faster (about 10x faster)
  • New Feature: Allows filtering snapshots to include only selected types of information, which can dramatically speed up the process of taking a snapshot and can simplify the resulting report