Invisibility Advisor Updates

For BIM Project Suite Version 21.0.2

  • Enhancement: When a family has a imported CAD instance inside of it, then loaded into a Project, then Hidden by unchecking the Imports in Families box with Visibility and Graphics, IA is unable to determine how the family was hidden. This requires the user to fix the problem manually.
  • New Feature: Now offers fixes for problems with view template related visibility
  • New Feature: Fixed issue when categories are selected without a view template applied causing the UI to be grayed/not editable
  • New Feature: Fixed incorrectly invoking model category dialog for a workset invisibility problem
  • New Feature: Fixed issue with linked revit files being shown in the imported files tab
  • Enhancement: Fixed an Issue Where the Program Failed to Launch with Some Larger Projects.

For BIM Project Suite Version 19.0.1

  • Enhancement: Added Option to Exclude Linked Revit Projects, Significantly Reducing Query Durations While Examining the Model.

For BIM Project Suite Version 18.0.5

  • New Tool: This Tool was Introduced in this Version of BIM Project Suite.