Import & Link Manager Updates

For Version 20.0.4

  • Enhancement: Import and Link Manager should work better on scaled-up 4K monitors

For BIM Manager Suite Version 20.0.2

  • New Feature:Point Cloud Links supported.
  • New Feature:On Revit Links, the room bounding property can be adjusted.

For BIM Manager Suite Version 16.0.4

  • Enhancement: Added option to exclude linked Revit projects, significantly reducing query durations while examining the model
  • Enhancement: Grid now has columns displays “Referencing Sheet” and “Sheet Number” for applicable link types.
  • Enhancement: Now presents warning when changing remote file data on central files regarding requiring re-save to central the next time the project is opened.

For Version 16.0.1

  • New Feature: now allows saving a report to a spreadsheet file
  • New Feature: now breaks down the imports and links into separate lists by these filters: All, All Links, All Imports, Revit Links and CAD Links

For Version 05.1.7

  • Enhancement: added support for relative pathing when using the load/reload from function