HIVE Updates

For Version 22.0.1 [Newest Version]

  • Enhancement: During processing, if a family or content from a project presents a message, CMS App will automatically dismiss it and log the error
  • Enhancement: Appearance settings now turns off thin lines when processing Revit content
  • Enhancement: Added scrolling to the saved searches drop-list in the CMS App tool bar
  • Enhancement: improved user experience with content that was improperly processed or uploaded (404 errors)
  • New Feature: Admins can now remove or edit reviews on content.
  • New Feature: New option for searching to Filter for Not Tagged content
  • New Feature: Added a text filter search box to the Revit type selector dialog
  • New Feature: Better scrolling of the details panel and other improvements to details
  • Bug Fix: Fixes issues with libraries that are switched from local only to cloud hosted
  • Bug Fix: Fixes upload and storage errors for Revit families with excessive (200+) number of types
  • Bug Fix:Fixed issues with selections and context menus when using or switching to Table view in the search UI
  • Bug Fix: Fixed processing issue which was producing the error: “Parameter Value Cannot Be Null. Parameter Name: S or A or Name”
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with the right-click context menu ‘Update’ being inactive
  • Bug Fix: When making changes to insertion properties of multiple AutoCAD blocks, the Layer option would be disabled
  • Bug Fix: Updated incorrect links in the about UI to release notes and added link to the EULA
  • Bug Fix: Fixes issue with some types of Revit content processing where users would experience a “Sequence Contains no Elements”
  • Bug Fix:When attempting to process content in AutoCAD, if a saved drawing is not open, it would crash. CMS app now prevents processing without a saved drawing open

For Version 22.0.0

  • Enhancement: Support for Revit 2022. No longer supporting Revit 2017 and 2018.
  • Enhancement: More detailed messages for errors and warnings within the application.
  • Enhancement: Searched content and loaded totals more prominently displayed.
  • New Feature: Users with contributor role can tag content.
  • New Feature: Content in search results now loads more results automatically – ‘Show more’ button removed.
  • New Feature: First version supporting Autocad blocks and block drawings (special processing requires new addin).
  • Bug Fix: When user clicks on “Add Request” and is asked to log in to the portal, they are correctly redirected to the Requests area.
  • Bug Fix:  Issue processing content into libraries that were previously marked as local only.
  • Bug Fix: Error publishing Revit families with 30+ types.
  • Bug Fix: Tagged content would not show in search under some circumstances.
  • Bug Fix: Error processing Revit .rvt content regarding file size.

For Version 21.0.8

  • Enhancement: Repaired an issue where some imperial content appeared as metric.
  • Enhancement: Schedules inserted from HIVE will appear correctly.
  • Enhancement: Additional special characters have been added to the supported characters list.
  • New Feature: Dynamo files can now be processed and stored in HIVE.
  • New Feature: Specifying Libraries control has been moved to the Filters panel and is no longer in the HIVE CMS application header.

For Version 21.0.7

  • Enhancement: Improved the workflow when requesting support or reporting a bug from inside the app. It now passes application information from the source.
  • Enhancement: Added horizontal scrolling when view is displayed in table mode
  • New Feature: Update content on demand using right-click context menu pick
  • New Feature: Auto filter by design application version (Revit)
  • New Feature: Users can now create content requests from the Windows application by clicking the button which automatically redirects to the portal

For Version 21.0.6

  • Enhancement: Updates to User interface allowing for better filtering
  • New Feature: Imperial/Metric Units
  • New Feature: Explicit Version Filtering
  • New Feature: Ability to download/Open directly from the CMS

For Version 21.0.5

  • Enhancement: Enhancements were made to the CMS for communicating with Revit in a virtualized environment.

For Version 21.0.4

  • Enhancement: Content Export spreadsheet: Added ‘LoadedAt’ date/time field to the end of the current fields in the resulting XLSX file.
  • New Feature: added ‘Refresh’ and ‘Create’ buttons to the library and tag lists that link to the portal
  • New Feature: Disable automatic preview generation’ to bypass the CTC preview generator when processing content
  • New Feature: Use existing preview’ to force the pre-set preview image when processing content

For Version 20.0.2

  • Enhancement: Performance and stability improvements
  • Enhancement: When adding a sheet from HIVE, the sheet name and number are included
  • Enhancement: Instance parameter values will stay intact when load ing Revit sheets
  • Enhancement: Prompts user for ‘Cloud’ or ‘Mixed’ mode installation.  Mixed mode refers posting to local SQL Server and HIVE Cloud database.

For Version 21.0.1

  • Enhancement: Improved performance of reading parameter values from families
  • Enhancement: Improvements to sheet element placement when loading sheets from HIVE CMS into a project

For Version 20.0.0

  • Enhancement: Added capability to send data to a local SQL Server database and HIVE cloud simultaneously.

For Version 19.0.5

  • Enhancement: The Request Feature and Report Bug buttons in the About view will now redirect to the online CTC support page

For Version 19.0.1

  • New Feature: Added Display number of content filter to the Content view
  • New Feature: Ability to delete content from Search and Discover view
  • New Feature: Option to delete content files from your local network
  • New Feature: Ability to batch tag content from Search, Discover, and Content view
  • New Feature: Ability to batch remove content tags from Search, Discover, and Content views
  • New Feature: Ability to create new tags from Search and Discover view
  • New Feature: Redesigned the Assign Tags dialog. The user can now select tags from a list or create new ones with ease
  • New Feature: Added auto-login if the user has Remember me option selected
  • New Feature: Added File Type column to Add Content and Content view
  • New Feature: Added File Type, Revit Category, and Revit Version columns to Deleted Content view
  • New Feature: Added List view option to the Discover view
  • New Feature: Added Home screen to the Search view which provides quick access to Saved Searches, Tags, Libraries and Revit categories on login
  • New Feature: Ability to drag and drop files and folders to Add Content view
  • New Feature: Ability to export the content list from the Content view to a spreadsheet
  • New Feature: Added progress bar dialog when processing Revit project elements
  • Enhancement: Add Content view will now update the content if it had been added previously instead of marking it as a duplicate
  • Enhancement: Improved the responsiveness of the progress dialog when processing content files
  • Enhancement: Improved the content processing speed
  • Enhancement: Increased the file size limit to 200MB per content file
  • Enhancement: The text within the grid cell will now auto-wrap
  • Enhancement: Frequently used attribute filters will now stick to the top of the list in the Discover view
  • Enhancement: Ability to execute the search from the Saved Searches view
  • Enhancement: Ability to download the attachments by double-clicking on them in the Edit Content view
  • Enhancement: Ability to download more than one content file in Search and Discover view
  • Enhancement: Added right-click menu to the Content view
  • Enhancement: The filter icon in the Search view will change if any filters are applied
  • Enhancement: Updating a content will now update the associated metadata

For Version 19.0.0

  • New Feature: Ability to filter the items in the Content view.
  • New Feature: Ability to filter the category drop-down list in the filters pane.
  • New Feature: Ability to filter the search result by tags. The tag drop-down filter has been added to the filters pane.
  • New Feature: Ability to collapse the user interface into a search box to provide more real estate to the user with a single screen. There is a new collapse / expand button on the title bar.
  • Enhancement: Added the file path to the content detail and edit view.
  • Enhancement: The check all / check none action will only apply to the filtered rows in the grid.
  • Enhancement: The attribute filter is automatically cleared when an attribute is selected in the Discover view.
  • Enhancement: Improved stability when generating the preview image for drafting views.
  • Enhancement: The Add Project tab will now display the family name along with the type name to easily distinguish between two project items with same type name, for example, “Conduit with fittings: Conduit” and “Conduit without fittings: Conduit”.

For Version 18.0.7

  • New Feature: The CTC Accounts Active Directory Synchronizer program has been removed from the Hive installer and moved to its own, separate installer
  • New Feature: Added a new Video button to the About view
  • New Feature: Ability to filter content by Revit version
  • New Feature: Ability to specify if the content should be uploaded by library
  • New Feature: Ability to set the size of the content preview image on mouse hover
  • New Feature: The Revit add-in can be launched from the family editor environment
  • New Feature: When processing Revit family, the image assigned to the Image type parameter is used for content preview image
  • Enhancement: Improved error dialog
  • Enhancement: The File Extension will be recorded in lower case when processing files
  • Enhancement: Improved the support for searching content with partial keyword
  • Enhancement: Changed the position of add and remove buttons in the Assign Tags dialog
  • Enhancement: The Tags column in Content view is instantly updated when new tags are assigned
  • Enhancement: The content are instantly moved to the Deleted Content view when deleted from the Content view
  • Enhancement: The Check Selected option in the Content view nows checks all the selected content
  • Enhancement: The preview image size text box in the Profile view is replace with slider control for ease of use
  • Enhancement: The users will receive notification email when invited to a library
  • Enhancement: The content in list view will display the associated libraries
  • Enhancement: The Revit backup file will be skipped when adding a folder
  • Enhancement: The family type catalog file will be skipped when adding a folder
  • Enhancement: Automatically refreshes the Deleted Content view when visited
  • Enhancement: Renamed the application name from “Hive” to “HIVE”
  • Enhancement: Autodesk Revit will not display “Constraints are not satisfied” warning dialog when adding family files

For Version 18.0.6

  • New Feature: The user can now change the first and last name from the Profile view provided the user is not linked with Active Directory
  • Enhancement: Autodesk Revit will not display “Constraints are not satisfied” warning dialog when adding family files
  • Enhancement: General performance improvements
  • Enhancement: The Content view grid now includes “Libraries” and “Tags” columns
  • Enhancement: Wraps the overflowing text or image when the content is presented in the Grid view
  • Enhancement: Added a right-click menu to quickly check and uncheck content in the Library Details view
  • Enhancement: Revit Add-in: The type names are now sorted in the Type Selector dialog
  • Enhancement: Revit Add-in: Double clicking a content in the Active Project view will start the placement command in the active project
  • Enhancement: Revit Add-in: Improved the caching mechanism for Revit content by storing them in Revit version-specific folder
  • Enhancement: Revit Add-in: Improved the handling of the Revit project hosted content such as Walls, Pipes, Drafting Views, Schedules and such
  • Enhancement: Revit Add-in: Inserting a Drafting View in a Revit project now includes all the dependent elements placed inside the view

For Version 18.0.5

  • New Feature: The About view now includes release notes
  • New Feature: The Login view will display a warning if the Hive service is down or undergoing maintenance
  • New Feature: The user will be notified if an update is available. This feature can be controlled by the company admin
  • New Feature: The user can open and/or clear the content cache folder from the Profile view. This feature can be controlled by the company admin
  • New Feature: The company admin can now delete the user group from the User Groups view provided the user group is not linked with Active Directory
  • New Feature: Now includes CTC Active Directory Synchronizer Windows app to sync the organization’s Active Directory users and groups with CTC Accounts system
  • Enhancement: Improved search performance and relevance
  • Enhancement: Improved the stability of the multi-select library dropdown control
  • Enhancement: The tags are no longer auto-generated giving the company admin more control over tag management