HIVE Content Management Systems Updates

HIVE Version 22.0.2

HIVE Version 22.0.0


Tagged content would not show in search under some circumstances
Issue when schedules that had header column overrides were not importing correctly
Issue when adding Revit families with type catalogs
Issue with migrated Revit content being opened in the wrong version of Revit
Issue caused by single drafting view or a sheet of drafting views will throw an error when trying to load them into a Revit project from the CMS
Resolves issue where the wrong Revit file version was loaded, forcing a temporary upgrade in some environments
Resolved the issue where the Details button in the Manage Requests view is grayed out if the grid is filtered.
Resolved the issue where element is deleted or undone message is displayed when switching views in Revit.
Resolved the issue where if Prefer cloud content setting is enabled, the application would load the cached Revit family instead of downloading the updated Revit family from the cloud.
Resolves error that occurs when updating content from a spreadsheet with special characters in the names
Issue causing errors with Revit when non-placeable family categories were being loaded into Revit
Issue preventing Dynamo scripts from uploading or updating
Revit content processed in this version was creating duplicate records with metric unit designation. This fixes the processing issue, however, any duplicate content must be deleted manually
Issue when associating content from one library to another can cause the content to be removed
Remove button disabled in Add Content when scrolling, selecting and returning to top
Preview images not showing under some conditions
Unable to process Revit templates under certain circumstances
Fixed “An error occurred when opening content — An entry with the same key already exists”
Fixed issue some clients were experiencing while processing content “An item with same key already exists”
Fixed issue with content views when user selects “All” for number of content to display
Fixed issues with searches returning inconsistent results
Fixed issues when assigning many users or groups when adding permissions to libraries