CIM Project Suite-Wide Changes

For CIM Project Suite Version 21.0.2 [Newest Version]

  • Fixes:: Fixed an issue where custom subassemblies were breaking when CIM Project Suite was installed.

For CIM Project Suite Version 21.0.0

  • Enhancement: Added compatibility for Civil 3D 2021.
  • Enhancement:Added support for five recent versions of Civil 3D, formerly four. Now supports 2017-2021.

For CIM Project Suite Version 20.0.1

  • Fixes: Upon uninstallation, installer now removes CIM Project Suite .MNR files from user APPDATA folder. Simplified number of help buttons in apps. Added functionality for help file access when hovering over button and pressing F1.

For CIM Project Suite Version 20.0.0

  • Fixes: Addressed incompatibility issue with custom Subassemblies.
  • Fixes: Addressed bug where network licensing acquisition failed.
  • Fixes: Fixed error where main dialog wouldn’t load on first use.
  • Fixes: Addressed issue where current window would be stuck behind Civil 3D.
  • Enhancement: Added compatibility for Civil 3D 2020.