BIM List

For BIM Project Suite Version 18.0.4

  • Enhancement: The search tab will be highlighted whenever the search is performed in the BIM List Browser

For Version 17.0.6

  • New Feature: BIM List Admin, ability to assign tags to contents
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, ability to search contents by tag

For Version 17.0.4

  • New Feature: Notifies the users when a server or cloud database is delete

For Version 17.0.1

  • New Feature: BIM List Cloud, first version available in Project Suite
  • New Feature: BIM List Admin, generate key files for BIM List Cloud access
  • New Feature: BIM List Admin, connect to BIM List Cloud Service
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, edit database function addition and UI changed: editing of databases now limited to one at a time — UI edit functions active in Edit mode only
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, createdBy field added to databaseinfo
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, improved performance accessing remote and cloud databases
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, improved performance when switching databases
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, improved stability on virtualized Revit workstations
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, connect to BIM List Cloud Service
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, added support for alternative database folder location
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, full size image previews via right click

For Version 16.0.5

  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, processes additional system family categories in databases: columns, mullions, slab edges, wall sweeps, fascias, gutters
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, content tab report includes user ratings and number of times loaded
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, the content tab view now displays more information about content in the database such as date added, last updated date
  • New Feature: BIM List Admin, content tab export function: export content list to spreadsheet
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, search scope while in tabbed view now searches entire database
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, new option: enable BIMList Browser to always open when a project is loaded

For Version 16.0.4

  • Enhancement: can now add families with type catalog that has blank lines in it
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, improvement to Content Update Tracker file and path handling of character case
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, checks if database has valid characters in file naming
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, content List tab now shows average rating and total load count
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin and Browser, database list shows data location
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin and Server, database upgrade improvements
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, improved performance when switching databases. Browser will display a notice if database needs updating rather than doing it automatically
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, “sort By” context menu (right click) now includes “Updated Date”
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, improved node drag and drop in Tree View
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, moved display options to a settings file under roaming profile

For Version 16.0.2

  • New Feature: browser now provides the ability to filter the database drop-down by name. The filter setting is Revit version specific

For Version 16.0.1

  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, allows the user to select more than one content at a time, so operation such as adding/removing the content can be performed on all the selected content
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, in-project group will no longer display the in-place families
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, now remembers the last selected group and tab
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, the database update availability button in the BIM List Browser is now more apparent. The button now has an image and text stating “Update Available”
  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, the in-project group in the BIM List Browser is now added to the top of the group combobox in the tab view mode so it’s more consistent with the tree view mode
  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, will no longer allow user to add a folder to a project
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, can automatically change the size of the content preview image on mouse hover This can be set using the new Display Options dialog
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, has “expand all items” and “collapse all items” options in the display dropdown that expands and collapse all the tree nodes.
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, has a new option to change the preview image size of the selected content to scale the image as per user requirement
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, now allows the user to load multiple family types in the active project
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, now allows the user to set a default content preview image size using the new Display Options dialog
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, now has a new Clear button for the simple search
  • New Feature: BIM List Browser, now has an option to force update the local copy of the remote database when checking for the database updates

For Version 16.0.0

  • Enhancement: BIM List Browser, will notify the user during drag-and-drop if it is unable to locate a type name in the type catalog
  • Enhancement: will now bring along the attached details when copying a group from a project
  • Enhancement: will now remember the content display mode (tab view or tree view) of the browser window
  • Enhancement: will skip over the duplicate type names in a type catalog

For Version 05.1.2

  • Enhancement: BIM List Admin, window can now be maximized