BIM Data Suite Updates

For version 21.0.3 [Newest Version]

  • Enhancement: General updates to better work with Revit 2021.1’s units updates
  • Enhancement: Enhanced usability and user experience

For version 21.0.1

  • New Feature: Now supports Revit 2021

For version 20.0.3

  • Enhancement: Fixed an Installation Issue When Upgrading from 2019 or Older.

For version 20.0.0

  • New Feature: Now supports Revit 2020

For version 19.0.4

  • Enhancement: Required a Database Schema Update. A script is provided.
  • New Feature: Added “Contact Support” button to the toolbars in each of the add-ins. This button can be turned off with a setting.
  • New Feature: Added “Contact Support” button to the Revit ribbon. This button can be turned off with a setting.

For version 19.0.0

  • New Feature: Now Supports Revit 2019.

For version 18.0.4

  • Enhancement: Added a Note to the Configuration Windows About Which TCP Ports to Have Open.

For version 18.0.0

  • New Feature: Now Supports Revit 2018.

For version 17.0.0

  • New Feature: This is the first Revit 2017 version. Now supports Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

For version 16.0.4

  • Enhancement: Larger Amounts of Data Can be Sent to BIM Data Suite Server, Particularly if it’s Running on a 32-bit Computer.
  • Enhancement: The Entire Suite May Not Load Correctly if Any Ribbon Button Grouping is Turned On at the Same Time When Small Icons are Turned On.

For version 16.0.3

  • Enhancement: Compressed Snapshots Will Now Work When the Data to Compress is More Than 4 GB in Size (e.g. for Very Large Models).

For version 16.0.2

  • Enhancement: The Suite is Now Compatible with the Collaboration for Revit addin, Version 9.

For version 16.0.0

  • New Feature: CTC BIM Batch Suite Released.


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