CAD Technology Center is Now CTC Software

CTC Software and CTC Software are becoming CTC Software

The decision to change our name wasn’t an easy one to make, as we have been CTC Software for over 20 years. There is a lot of history associated with that name, but just as the industry that we are servicing has changed since our company was founded, we decided that it was time for us to change as well.

Already many people know us by our acronym, CTC. “CTC” has been prominently used in our logo and other branded materials, and more importantly is the brand cover for our CTC Software products. These products are now being used worldwide by more than 40,000 subscribers and are exceptionally well regarded, which has helped grow our name recognition. We are certainly proud of these products, and want to ensure people who engage us know about not only these products, but all of the other great things CTC has to offer.

Thus, to remove any confusion we are discontinuing the use of “CTC Software” as our brand name. Our new name going forward is CTC Software.

CTC Software as a formal name also emphasizes a true differentiated offering of which our clients have been able to take advantage over the years: our ability to build custom software based upon their individual project- and workflow-specific needs. This includes not only add-ins for Autodesk products but also complete standalone software applications for hundreds of clients. This, in addition to our publicly available CTC Software, proves that we have the knowledge and track record to deliver real solutions to real issues through our software development efforts.

Many companies can train and support existing design software at a high level, but being able to customize, modify, and build upon these solutions shows our level of engagement within the industry.

There are no service or offering changes tied to this name change. We will continue to provide the excellent levels of service and support for all the products for which we are known. This is simply a rebranding of our existing company. That said, we at CTC Software are always looking for the best way to serve our clients, and we will continue to do so under our new brand name.

We feel this will help everyone in a number of ways, including the consolidation of our websites: and will become

Going forward you’ll notice references to “CTC Software” will be phased out as the name “CTC Software” gets phased in.

We thank you all for your continued business!